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Peer Review Process

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Peer Review Process

The review process consists of several steps in the Journal of Money and Economy. About each decision (change of the status of the manuscript) the author is informed on an ongoing basis via e-mail. Author's should note to add the email of the journal to their address-book to avoid collecting emails from the journal in the spam folder.

Step 1: Pre-Review Analysis

In this step the editor-in-chief or the deputy editor reviews the article on two issues:
  1. The article should comply with the aims and scope of the journal.
  2. The article should follow the instructions on the formatting and style.
  3. The article should be of relative importance and quality.
If the article does not satisfy these criteria, it might lead to rejection of the article (desk rejection) or request on rewriting it without going to the next step.  

Step 2: Double-blind Peer review

In this step, at least one scholar in the field is invited by the editor-in-chief to review the article. A reviewer cannot simultaneously be the author and the reviewer of manuscripts within one issue. The process of peer review is double-blind, that means neither the information of authors' identities is disclosed to the reviewers nor the authors will find out about the reviewers.
Each reviewer independently makes one of four decisions:
  • Accept
  • Minor revision
  • Major revision
  • Reject

Step 3: Revisions

Based on the decisions of the reviewers, the editor-in-chief can ask the authors to revise and resubmit the paper. Corrected papers with major revision can be sent to the reviewer to be reviewed again.

Step 4: Editorial Board Meeting

In this step, the paper is taken to the editorial board meeting and the final decision on whether the manuscript is published, revised or rejected is made by the editorial board. Editorial boards decision is based on the reviews provided by the reviewers and the revisions authors have applied to the paper.

Step 5: Publication Preparation

After the paper is accepted to the journal, the authors should comply with all the requests from the journal about the form of the manuscript including graphs and tables. After all editing is done, the paper is ready to be published in the next issue of the journal. 
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